Best Climbing Carabiner on sale


  • Model: A1301C
  • Material: 7075/6061
  • Breaking Force: 12KN/5KN
  • Color: Customizable
  • Net Weight: 23.8g



Best Climbing Carabiner are widely used in rope-intensive activities such as climbing, arboriculture, caving, sailing, hot air ballooning, rope rescue, construction, industrial rope work, window cleaning, whitewater rescue, and acrobatics. They are predominantly made from both steel and aluminium.

Here is the details of  Non locking carabiner keychain:

  1. Product Name:Best Climbing Carabiner
  2. Model: A1301C
  3. Material: 7075/6061
  4. Breaking Force: 12KN/5KN
  5. Color: Customizable
  6. Net Weight: 23.8g
    Best Carabiner For Climbing
    Best Carabiner For Climbing
    Item A B D d W
    Parameters(mm) 81 46.6 16 / 11.5


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