Adjustable Tree Straps For Hammock

  1. Enhanced strap material
  2. 2.5 x 285CM in general
  3. 15+1 loops in general
  4. 3 stitching for each loop
  5. Comes with the separately carry pouch bag


Gaofeng Outfitter product All kinds of Adjustable Tree Straps For Hammock, our High quality outdoor products are re backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. we also product all kinds of Camping Hammock which been exported to all the world.

The features as bellow:

  • Safety triple stiched tacking for extra reinforcement.
  • Orange threads make it easy to spot wear
  • Sepcial loop design prevents carabiner from putting direct pressure on the saafety stiching
  • Adjust hammock in seconds with 15 loops per strap for a combined 30 connection points
Tree Straps For Hammock
Tree Straps For Hammock
Adjustable Tree Straps For Hammock
Adjustable Tree Straps For Hammock


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